Thursday, June 27, 2019

Getting Out the Tools.

OK - I had to crack open the toolbox today. I've got an Intellijel 4Ux104HP case for my 'living room synth'. I love the thing, and the 1U row is perfect, holding modules for inputs modules, a mixer, the random toolset and an oscilloscope. The main row is a 1010 Music Toolbox, 1010 Music Bitbox, Zadar, Overseer and Supercell. Damn, I can make a lot of interesting noises with that setup.

But it's got a real flaw - and one that you won't notice when you are looking at the case on the Sweetwater site. When it is full of modules, there's no way to hold it! There's no built-in handle, and there is no way to grab it without squeezing the life out of one of the modules.

So I went over to the local hardware store, bought a closet handle, a tap (and handle) and a set of machine screws. Measure twice, drill once (for each hole), tap the holes and screw it in. Next thing you know, I've got a way to lift up the modular without threatening damage to one of my modules, and it also reinforces that I don't want to set it down on the side with the power switch.

Workin' for me!


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