Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Digitalis V3 (the Living Room Modular)

Well, today I finished up "Digitalis V3" - the third version of my Living Room Modular. The idea was to make a laptop-comfortable modular that would allow me to do complete compositions - and to be robust enough to survive multiple day's of on-again-off-again attention.

Things are based around a pair of 1010 Music's modules: The Toolbox (in FlipUI mode) and Bitbox (in Normal mode). These two give me an amazing set of options, with tons of LFO's, note and gate sequencers, sampling and synth functions. To add some further modulation sources, I have a Xaoc Zadar with the NIN expander (which is critical, since I can fire off one-shot envelopes with the expander's buttons) and the Intellijel 1U Noise Tools. Mixing and routing are handled by a pair of buffered 1U multiples and a 1U Quadratt, and visualization from a 1U oscilloscope.

But key to this system's sound is the backend. I've always - since V1 - had a WMD Overseer filter, which is now one of my favorite filters in the world. This used to feed into a Grayscale Supercell, but I traded that out for a Microcell, which gave me enough room for a DSI DSM02 (which I continue to love...) and a Pico Input. The whole thing is in my 4Ux104HP case, which fits nicely in my lap.

The above patch is my first full-in composition (called The Catskills), which will be part of my next release. Great fun!



  1. Darwin, Do you have a sound sample from "The Catskills"? I am looking for a way to hear it!

  2. what happened to the supercell???

  3. Whoa - eyes like a wolf!

    The supercell is relocated to the big(ger) rig, and was replaced here with the Microcell (a 14HP version of the Supercell). I did that to open up space for the DSM02 (which I've gotten hypnotized by...) and a couple of 3HP bits.