Sunday, July 28, 2019

In Praise of 3HP

OK, I'll admit to being a number-obsessive. I've always preferred even numbers; as a kid, I made sure that I took an even number of steps between cracks in the sidewalk (and still do this occasionally), and like things straight-and-even.

So you can imagine how I felt about the first odd-HP modules that I came across. It was The Harvestman, and I just couldn't wrap my head around the reason that odd-HP would make sense - unless you wanted to get people to get matching pairs of modules (thus leading to an even number of HP). Grumble-grumble, I just avoided them like the plague.

As I got different cases loaded up, I'd always end up with a few HP that needed to be filled. Generally, I'd check out the offerings by 2hp, the makers of the thinnest useful modules in the land. I ended up with a lot of 2hp modules, but I never loved using them. Mostly, it was getting access to the controls - I often felt like I needed to use a tweezers in order to turn knobs or punch buttons.

Recently, I found myself needing a good input module, and nothing 2hp had would work. So I broke down and bought a Erica Synths Pico Input (at 3HP) along with a 1HP blank. Plopped it in the system and kind of fell in love. The extra 1HP made access to the shaft-y knobs a lot more comfortable, and plugging in cables (especially Stackables) was much easier and less ugly.

I've started replacing the 2hp modules with 3HP Pico modules, and I'm kind of loving it. That input module kills it, the dual VCA is simple and clean, and I just ordered an LFO/S&H and Envelope pairing that should also be cool. Takes a little more room (2 modules per 6HP, vs. 3 modules by 2hp), but I find these things a lot more fun to use. It's also opened my mind to other odd-HP modules, like the NIN expander module for the Zadar and that Roland Torcido.

But, you know, I'm going to have to double up on my sidewalk step-counts in order to make up for this!


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  1. I have one of their 3hp Output modules in my system and the odd number definitely made things challenging! I really like it though, so I should probably check out some other Pico modules to even things out.