Monday, September 16, 2019

Too Much of a Good Thing?

In a few recent photos of my studio rig, people have rightly noticed that I have a row that is almost completely dedicated to Mutable Instruments stuff. And I'll admit it: in most cases, the MI gear speaks to me in a kinda-analog-kinda-digital way, and I can find my muse in the work that Emilie has brought to the table.

But a few weeks ago I ran into a problem. I really, really wanted more voltage control over my envelopes, but the Peaks weren't having it. I started screwing around with multiple envelopes fed into some VCAs, and voltage controlling a different envelope, and a bunch of other stuff. Then I realized something: I needed to reconsider the idea of having two Peaks in my system.

Since I've always been a fan of Make Noise's Math - but didn't have space in this case for one - I figured that I might want to try plopping a Function (one of the envelope channels of a Maths) as a replacement for the Peaks. Two envelopes/LFOs dropped to one, and I was a little concerned, but I spent some time with it this morning and it fits like a nicely worn-in shoe.

So despite my rigorous desire for complete MI-ness across the whole row, it turns out a little flexibility makes for a great neighborhood. In modular terms. In my systems. In my studio...



  1. Have you considered a Basics, which is a Peaks clone? CV control over the parameters.

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