Monday, October 14, 2019

How Does This Happen?

OK, so this might be a little hard to see, but I really don't know how this could happen...

I was rearranging the Intellijel 7u studio case to find room for the new Crow, and all of a sudden had a hard time putting in one of the screws. If you look at the top row of holes, you'll see that the second open hole from the left - well, it isn't tapped. No threads, no use.

Got me thinking: isn't there a robot doing this job? 'Cuz this looks like the kind of workmanship that used to occur when I was working on the industrial paint line ("Geez, boss, I guess I hung every 10th panel upside down. Sorry!"), but not the sort of thing a robot does. I mean, it's not like they take lunch break and need retraining for the afternoon shift.

So now I'm on the hunt for a 3mm tap. Dammit.


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