Monday, December 30, 2019

Back and Forth

At the left side of my "living room" modular, I'm having a Battle Royale between two great modules. On the one hand is the ALM/Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout, which is a powerhouse of time-sync'd outputs - including LFOs, Euclidian rhythms, random selections and time divisions. On the other hand is the Xaoc Zadar (#2 of 2, since I have one in permanent installation in my studio case...), which gives me a quad set of envelopes/LFOs - and that have satisfyingly long times - exceeding 30 minutes in some cases.

I go back and forth...

The PNW is great as a master clock, and does a great job of rhythm division work (which is great, in combination with the Bitbox, for rhythmic goo). When I have this in the setup (in combination with the expander, which provides MIDI to the Toolbox), I tend to do rattling bangers that are heavy on the rhythm, and light on the ambience.

When the Zadar is in play, I tend to take advantage of the long timeframes to make much more ambient, fluid work. Also, some of those shapes in the higher banks of Zadar presets can provide real 'human-sounding' LFO action, and I love to draw those in.

I really like having a settled system, but this seems like it will be a forever swap-out situation. Too bad I can't get one of those other modules to be 10HP thinner!


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