Friday, March 13, 2020

Heading Over to Patreon

Time to sunset this ol' blog. I've enjoyed putting this out, but I'm going to collapse my blogging into my Patreon site:

You don't have to give me money (although I'd be honored if you did...), but it's just convenient to have all of my writing sit in one place. So both my modular and Max-based writing will end up landing there.

But, because it's also where I talk about my podcast, there will probably be some interesting crossover among subject areas. Maybe that's what I'd really like, too.


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Inspired by Modular

Dang, Martin Russ really came through on this one. After being inspired by a Ricky Tinez modular jam on YouTube, Martin decided to find a way to do something within Ableton Live - and without having to resort to MFL coding. This takes advantage of a seldom-used feature of Live (clip envelope length variation) to create the kind of evolving, variant kind or track that I always enjoy.

Check it out to see if this doesn't give you a reason to explore those clip envelopes!


Saturday, February 1, 2020

Passive Non-modules

Thanks to industry insider Mike Metley for pointing out this Kickstarter: an inexpensive way to pull together those necessary, but only occasionally needed, accessories without eating up HP in your Eurorack system. Frankly, that gate-combiner will be worth its weight in gold, and who couldn't use a little more touch action in their rig!

Only good for the next few hours, but I'm sure there'll be some available after-the-fact. Check it out!


Friday, January 17, 2020

Taking my Time, Getting it Right

OK, this is a new one for me...

I wanted to set up my studio modular system to be more convenient for me, and I also wanted to integrate my 'living room' modular easily for studio use. So I had an idea - and I wanted it to fit in the small amount of space available on the left-side of my Platform desk.

It's taken several months to get this right, but I'm loving it so far. Super simple, but working well - because I gave it time to become 'right'. I started with a basic end table I bought off of Amazon:

It was a little short for my needs, but the other dimensions were perfect. I bought and assembled it, and used some riser blocks that came with my Platform to raise it about an inch-and-a-half. Perfect. This was where the 7u Intellijel case was going to sit, using a Make Noise 'Blued Steel System Stand'. That thing is over-engineered by 20x, but it is real nice, sturdy, and angles properly for my use.

I used the 7u in this system for a while, and it served me well in the studio. But I did want to make it easy to add the 4u 'living room' system I'd been using for more sequencing options. So I purchased some keyboard stand arms from On-Stage (the arms you would use with an A-frame stand), and attached them to the metal crossbar at the front of the table - and created a back-support for the arms with a 1x3 piece of wood. The result was this simple table setup:

It took forever to get those front arms delivered, so I had to wait a while. But when they came, and I got the right screws and stuff, it went together like a nice puzzle. The result is the setup you see at the top of this post, and it sits just off the left-hand side of the Platform desk, looking the God's Own Modular. Love it!


Friday, January 10, 2020

Hell, yes!

Reverb did the thing:

It's a great look back at the Arp 2600, which Korg is reissuing. And yes, I put my order in!