Friday, January 17, 2020

Taking my Time, Getting it Right

OK, this is a new one for me...

I wanted to set up my studio modular system to be more convenient for me, and I also wanted to integrate my 'living room' modular easily for studio use. So I had an idea - and I wanted it to fit in the small amount of space available on the left-side of my Platform desk.

It's taken several months to get this right, but I'm loving it so far. Super simple, but working well - because I gave it time to become 'right'. I started with a basic end table I bought off of Amazon:

It was a little short for my needs, but the other dimensions were perfect. I bought and assembled it, and used some riser blocks that came with my Platform to raise it about an inch-and-a-half. Perfect. This was where the 7u Intellijel case was going to sit, using a Make Noise 'Blued Steel System Stand'. That thing is over-engineered by 20x, but it is real nice, sturdy, and angles properly for my use.

I used the 7u in this system for a while, and it served me well in the studio. But I did want to make it easy to add the 4u 'living room' system I'd been using for more sequencing options. So I purchased some keyboard stand arms from On-Stage (the arms you would use with an A-frame stand), and attached them to the metal crossbar at the front of the table - and created a back-support for the arms with a 1x3 piece of wood. The result was this simple table setup:

It took forever to get those front arms delivered, so I had to wait a while. But when they came, and I got the right screws and stuff, it went together like a nice puzzle. The result is the setup you see at the top of this post, and it sits just off the left-hand side of the Platform desk, looking the God's Own Modular. Love it!


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