Friday, March 13, 2020

Heading Over to Patreon

Time to sunset this ol' blog. I've enjoyed putting this out, but I'm going to collapse my blogging into my Patreon site:

You don't have to give me money (although I'd be honored if you did...), but it's just convenient to have all of my writing sit in one place. So both my modular and Max-based writing will end up landing there.

But, because it's also where I talk about my podcast, there will probably be some interesting crossover among subject areas. Maybe that's what I'd really like, too.


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Inspired by Modular

Dang, Martin Russ really came through on this one. After being inspired by a Ricky Tinez modular jam on YouTube, Martin decided to find a way to do something within Ableton Live - and without having to resort to MFL coding. This takes advantage of a seldom-used feature of Live (clip envelope length variation) to create the kind of evolving, variant kind or track that I always enjoy.

Check it out to see if this doesn't give you a reason to explore those clip envelopes!